Adoration. Obsession. Beautiful self-destruction



On this page you will find a collection of side stories, behind the scenes details, art & fan works, inspiration, link banners, and interviews.

Side stories

WENDY: I Will Be Queen
Over the years, readers have wondered what happened to Wendy to make her such an unlikeable character. This vignette, told through her own eyes, answers the question, somewhat. (Contains spoilers for approximately the first half of the novel)

Behind the scenes

A playlist of songs which helped to inspire Trapdoor, available on YouTube, Spotify, 8-tracks, and Apple Music.

A list of other media that inspired the writing of Trapdoor over the years.

The history of the story and how it came to be, beginning with life on the late 90s/early 2000s internet up to today.

Art & Fan works

Pinterest Board (external link)
An archive of mood & aesthetic images on Pinterest.

Author & Fan art
I am still sorting through my archives of art I drew for the novel, consisting mostly of character sketches, and fanworks (art, fiction, music & poetry) sent in by readers over the years. As these are all housed across multiple hard drives and even CDs, this section is yet to come. If you have anything inspired by Trapdoor that you’d like to share in the meantime, I am always honoured to take a look. Please contact me to send through a link or submission.


If Raven and Peggy’s story resonated with you, find out some of the ways you can contribute further to the novel or any of my other projects.

Link banners
Take a button or banner to link back to the story’s website.


Interview with Andy Harrod
An excerpt of an interview with UK writer Andy Harrod, from the decoding static blog.