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First of all, thank you for visiting the website, whether you’re someone who came across the story some time in the last 21 years (gosh; hi!) or you’re just now discovering it (hello: nice to meet you!). If Raven and Peggy’s story resonated with you, and you’re interested in contributing further to the novel or any of my other projects, some of the ways you can do this are mentioned below.

Spread the Word

Visit Trapdoor’s page at goodreads to leave a review. You might also like to recommend the story to one of your friends or a recommendations site. Buttons and banners to link back to the story are available to grab from the links area.

Own a Copy

An e-book version that includes the short story I Will Be Queen can be purchased at the Lost Violet Press store, or in various formats from these stores. An epub only format is also available on lulu.

A paperback copy is also available at this list of retailers.

Current Projects/Other Works

If you’re keen to read more of my fiction or explore my other works, is the best place to start. For information on all my upcoming projects, you can subscribe to the nostalgie ciel mailing list or my Ko-Fi page.


A note via email or the guestbook, or a visit/follow on some of my accounts is more than welcome, & Trapdoor fan art/fic/music is always most loved. You can find details about all that on the contact page.


As an independent author, I operate on very similar principles to Dan Holloway, an author whose work and ethos I greatly admire: in particular the ideas that “Art should tell the truth, the artist’s truth, scraped from the deepest place inside them”, and “Art should be free wherever possible, but those who have been moved by it and can afford to do so should pay for it.”

Based on this, if the story touched you, one-off payments of $3 can be made courtesy of my Ko-Fi page, or for whatever $ amount you like through Going forward I intend to devote a lot more time to working on projects that I love & hope create meaning for even one other person in the world, as so many stories of various kinds have done for me over the years.

Thank you so much, always.